Stewardship Ministries encourages and challenges the church leaders and members to reclaim the biblical view of stewardship and to respond to God’s grace by dedicating all they are and have to Him.

The functions of Stewardship Ministries are:

  • To help people understand that stewardship responsibilities involve more than money, as they include the proper use of the body, mind, abilities, spiritual gifts, relationships, environment and material possessions.
  • To develop and present the biblical approach to stewardship as the lifestyle that will touch every area of life.
  • To promote the biblical principles of giving tithes and offerings, as an act of worship and implementation of the recommended Seventh-day Adventist Financial Support Plan for the fulfillment of the mission.
  • To articulate a biblical vision of stewardship and the integration of the lordship of Jesus Christ into every area of life.
  • To help create an understanding of the balance between a regular giving  system and project giving, as two dimensions working in harmony.